Goodbye to Yesteryears, Hello to a New Day

I, Culbertson Hall, am getting a facelift!

After housing 17 floors of students for over 50 years (more than 20,000 students, if you’re doing the math) I, Culbertson Hall (my friends call me Culby), am next in line for some much-needed updates.

Between bathroom remodels, lounge and elevator upgrades, a new HVAC system, modernized bedrooms, and more, I’m going to look and feel like a new dorm—but still have all the history, memories, and traditions that come from 50 years of housing students.

That’s five decades of passionate students doing homework in my lounges, having meaningful conversations, and experiencing the personal growth, joy, and heartbreak that go hand in hand with community living.

Forming relationships with peers who are different from them prepares Moody students to love and serve people well—bringing the gospel with compassion wherever God calls them after their years here.

To continue fostering those relationships and housing students in my aging structure, the Moody physical plant needs to make changes to keep my living spaces to code. They tell me that this, unfortunately, costs money.

That’s where alums like you come in. The entire project will cost $30 million. Yes, that’s a big number. But Moody’s leadership is breaking it into manageable chunks. With assistance from generous friends like you, we’ll pay for it one piece at a time until it’s complete!

It will cost $19,000 per floor to furnish a lounge. (That’s $325,542 to furnish all 17 of them.)

Will you please give today? Your support will help the students my halls prepare for lives devoted to Jesus Christ for the next 50 years—and more!


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Which Culby floor is “best”?


Show your support for your favorite floor or brother floor!

When you give to Culbertson Hall’s renovation, tell us which floor is your favorite.

The winning floor will receive a special prize for future students.


1st Culby 9 28
2nd Culby 4 9
3rd Culby 19 8


Share Your Stories from Culby

If you lived on or spent time in one of my floors, your fellow alumni would love to hear your story. Share your memories of life on my hallowed halls in the form below.

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