Keep Hope Alive


How do we stay hopeful in a culture that has seemingly abandoned God—or only wants Him to be one little god among many? Spending time in the presence of God reminds us that He can’t be contained or minimized. It convicts, humbles, and motivates our hearts to reach the broken people around us with His hope. That desire is the seed of the revival our world urgently needs.

As a Moody supporter, you bring revival closer each time you support gospel-centered broadcasting and help equip Christian leaders who have said to God, “Here am I. Send me!” Join us as we proclaim the good news of Christ and the transforming truth of God’s Word to listeners across the world—and train the next generation of ministry leaders to share Jesus wherever He leads.

Your gift is deeply appreciated to support our fiscal year-end ministry needs of $1.5 million for Moody Radio and $1.3 million for Moody Bible Institute and $200,000 for Today in the Word by June 30!

Support the Ministries of Moody

God has called us to share the hope of the gospel—and serve as bold and loving examples of His transforming power—to a lost world that matters to Jesus. See the criticial needs each ministry plans to meet this fiscal-year:



Moody Bible Institute

Partner with our undergraduate, seminary, online, and nontraditional educational ministries today as we pursue pressing needs from God for the 2024–25 fiscal year:


Launch three new degree programs in the desired ministry areas of incoming students.

Develop significant partnerships with ministries that want to utilize Moody training for their partner members’ personal spiritual growth.

Leverage the combined efforts of Moody Online, Moody Enrich, Moody School of the Bible, and Education Partnerships to best help achieve the 2030 Vision of doubling our impact.


Will you Keep Hope Alive today by supporting God’s life-changing work through Moody Bible Institute?



Moody Radio

Partner with Moody Radio as we pursue these critical needs from God for fiscal year 2024–25:


Add staff to manage our ever-expanding variety of content—especially for parents of young families as they are often overwhelmed trying to guide their children in the midst of a culture increasingly hostile to the gospel.

Grow our international partnerships to bring ministries like Bold Steps to unchurched audiences overseas.

Explore key new radio broadcast markets, including some in post-Christian urban centers, home to the growing segment of religious “nones.”


See how Moody Radio is Keeping Hope Alive:

"I was saved when I was 10 but I really didn’t surrender my life to Jesus until I was 31 years old. I didn’t have anyone to disciple me, but I listened to Moody Radio every day to and from work and was discipled. Between Moody and Dr Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God, my prayer was answered for discipling. I have continued to listen to Moody to and from work 30 years later."
– Becky
"Whenever I turn on the radio, I hear a message of hope and love of Christ that I have needed ever since my fiancé passed away. Whenever I feel like there is no more left inside of me to give, I turn this on and something someone says always speaks life into me."
– Ivette
"I just wanted to share how much the program has impacted my life. My daughter and I are devout listeners. And we are thankful because today we’re having ethical conversations that are challenging as everything is so worldly. Listening to the program helps us feel like there are others out there with a similar few as us. Which gives us hope to keep following Christ."
– Breunna


Will you Keep Hope Alive today by supporting God’s life-changing work through Moody Radio?



Today in the Word

Partner with Today in the Word as we help more people around the world develop a vibrant walk with Christ through daily Bible study in the 2024–2025 fiscal year:


Launch more strategic partnerships with ministries that bring Today in the Word devotionals to a wider audience nationally and worldwide.

Using the vast potential of the Today in the Word app, equip more people than ever outside of the US to read God’s Word each day through this ministry.


See how Today in the Word is Keeping Hope Alive:

"Today in the Word always seems to speak into a situation that I’m struggling with at that point in time or gives a word of encouragement to strengthen my walk with Christ."
– Shermaine


Will you Keep Hope Alive today by supporting God’s life-changing work through Today in the Word?




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